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Regulator – Distribution Systems


Point-of-Use Panels

The 53 Series Point-of-Use Panels provide a modular design to mount and locate 300 Series regulators at the point of use for high purity instrumentation or process gases. They are intended to provide final pressure control in gas distribution systems and are ideal for laboratory applications. The 53 Series are supplied with up to four high-purity regulators with rear entry inlet ports and diaphragm outlet valves. Five delivery pressure ranges can be individually selected for each regulator station 0-15 PSIG (0-1 Bar) to 0–200 PSIG (0–14 Bar).

53 Series Point-of-Use Panels


Protocol Purge Station

The 529 Series Protocol Purge Station combines all the safety and convenience of a standard Protocol Station with a feature to purge the hose and inlet side of the regulator.  The Protocol Purge Station allows isolation of the regulator inlet and is equipped with a purge valve at the 12 o’clock position on the mounting block with a 1/4” stainless steel Tube fitting to safely pipe away the process gas during purging, if required.  This station comes complete with mounting block and bracket, two 533 Series diaphragm valves and 3-foot all stainless steel hoses with armor casing. Available in brass, chrome-plated brass, or 316L stainless steel.

529 Series Protocol Purge Station

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