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Enriched Cell Growth Media

The study of protein function often require proteins expressed in
isotopically labeled media. CIL has developed cell growth media
products for protein expression at levels necessary for MS
proteomics research and NMR structural studies. Whether your
protein of interest is expressed from bacterial cells in minimal or
rich media, yeast cells, the Sf9 /baculovirus expression system or
mammalian cell expression systems, CIL offers a full range of products to give you a choice of labeling patterns. A complete description of our cell growth media is available in our Stable Isotope Labeled Media Products brochure.
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Rich Bacterial Cell Growth Media
Celtone® Powder (E. coli and Other Bacteria)
CIL’S most flexible media, Celtone Base Powder, is a mixture of
amino acids, peptides, vitamins and other essential nutrients,
which provides a “rich” environment for excellent bacterial
cell growth and high protein expression. The powder is easy
to use and store and has the longest shelf life of any fully-rich
bacterial growth medium.
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Celtone® Complete (E. coli and Other Bacteria)
Celtone Complete Medium is a “rich” bacterial cell growth
medium derived from an algal source with a growth rate
comparable to LB, allowing for inoculation and induction within
one working day. Celtone Complete Medium is formulated
as a ready-to-use medium.
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BioExpress®1000 (E. coli and Other Bacteria)
CIL’s all-time classic bacterial cell growth medium. This
media is comprised of a complex mixture of glucose,
amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals and cofactors.
Prepared from algal cell hydrolysates and processed using
a proprietary procedure, BioExpress®1000 yields excellent
growth and expression characteristics for a number of
different bacterial systems.
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Silantes® E. coli-OD2
Silantes E. coli-OD2 is made from bacterial hydrolysate and
contains primarily amino acids, some low MW oligopeptides
and almost no carbohydrates. Silantes OD-Media have the same
characteristics as conventional LB media.

Minimal Media for Bacterial Cell Growth

Spectra 9 (E. coli and Other Bacteria)
Spectra 9 is a cost-effective medium for E. coli bacterial
growth and protein expression. It is comprised of labeled salts
and labeled carbohydrates, and is supplemented with Celtone®
Base Powder (1g powder per liter Spectra 9) which contains
amino acids, vitamins, peptides and other essential nutrients.
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Insect Cell Growth Media
BioExpress®2000 for Insect Expression Systems
The Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) has grown
to become the most versatile and widely used eukaryotic vector
system employed for the expression of recombinant proteins in
cultured insect cells. Amino acid selective labeling is possible
with BioExpress®2000 because the amino acid content is
chemically defined.
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Mammalian Cell Growth Media
BioExpress®6000 for Mammalian Expression Systems
The expression of recombinant mammalian proteins in
mammalian cell lines show the greatest promise to produce
correctly folded proteins with the greatest number of posttranslational
modifications. This media should work well with
cell lines grown in DMEM. Amino acid selective labeling is
possible with BioExpress®6000 because the amino acid content
is chemically defined.
Click here to download CGM-6000 information

Yeast Cell Growth Media
Silantes® Yeast-OD2
Yeast is used for the expression of eukaryotic proteins, since this
host facilitates high protein expression and many post-translational
protein modifications characteristic for mammalian cells.


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