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a-Keto Acids and Methyl-Labeling Kits and Amino Acids

Protonated 13C methyl groups in deuterated proteins are excellent probes for structure and dynamics, and are especially crucial to study high-molecular weight proteins and protein complexes. The popular ILV labeling strategy utilizes labeled bio-synthetic precursors to produce protein containing either uniformly or selectively labeled isoleucine, leucine and valine. a-Ketoisobutyrate is the precursor to Ile and may be used to label the ä1 methyl in Ile. a-ketoisovalerate is the precursor to Leu and Val and is used to label one or both methyl groups in these amino acids. Please see CIL Application Notes 16 and 25 for more information regarding this application.

CIL is proud to offer a large selection of a-ketobutyric and a-ketoisovaleric acids, along with 3-13C pyruvate, for use in selective methyl and side-chain labeling. Uniform 13C-labeled forms of the precursors are used in conjunction with 13C6 glucose to produce uniform 13C-labeled Ile and Leu. CIL also offers kits of conveniently packaged reagents for labeling proteins with isoleucine, leucine, valine, and alanine (i.e., “ILVA” labeling) or only alanine. These kits are for use with 1 L amounts of deuterated minimal media. Please see CIL Application Note 25 for more details regarding ILVA and alanine labeling. CIL also is offering methionine (2,3,3,4,4-D5, methyl-13CH3) for use with deuterated minimal media to provide a new methyl probe in addition to leu, Ile, Val, and Ala.

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