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Although solution-state NMR has and will continue to be a powerful and versatile tool for studying the structure and dynamics of RNA and DNA, a recent report shows the promise of using 13C correlation spectroscopy to determine structure of RNA in the solid-state.1 The different types of information that may be gained from NMR studies of RNA and DNA2 include the following: Base-pairing patterns; conformational equilibria; site-specific information regarding ligand binding; delineation of secondary structure motifs, such as hairpins and bulges; local structure and dynamics; and global structure derived from residual dipolar couplings.

Because severe signal degeneracy has hampered NMR studies of larger RNAs, key researchers in this area have utilized selectively deuterated rNTPs, in conjunction with in vitro synthesis methods, to reduce spectral complexity, spectral line-widths, and for observing NOEs over larger distances.

CK Gas Products are proud to offer the extensive selection of CIL’s labeled mono and tri-phosphate ribonucleotides, deoxyribonucleotides, and phosphoramidites for use in NMR investigations.

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