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Specialty Gases In Disposable Cylinders

Our disposable non-refillable cylinders are typically used for function testing of gas detection and analytical equipment where portability is paramount or gas usage is relatively low.  All of the common quad gas variants are available from CK Gas Products, but we are not limited to industry standard requirements and are able to consider any gas mixture requirement you might have.

CK Gas Products always aims to give you the best technical solution to your needs.  Our calibration gas mixtures and high purity gases can be provided in non-refillable cylinders as an alternative to refillable cylinders.




This option provides the ideal solution in the following scenarios:

Disposble Test Gas Cylinders for On-Site Function Testing

Small Users Benefit From No Special Gas Cylinder Rental

For low or sporadic usage – often research or educational establishment only need gas for specific experiments. Non-refillable cylinders provide a cost-effective solution that avoids the ongoing rental charges associated with refillable cylinders.

Where portability and ease of use is paramount – non-refillable cylinders are exceptionally portable, light and ideal for on-site calibration of gas detectors. Their simple operation enables use by a wide range of plant operators for function testing of portable detection equipment.




The Right Special Gases Package for You

With a range of non-refillable cylinders extending from 12 litre gas capacity to the market-leading 110 litre cylinder and easy to use specialist gas control equipment,  we can provide you with a full solution to your needs.


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Disposable Gas Cylinders

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