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CK Gas Products are uniquely positioned as an independent supplier of isotopic gases, high purity gases, special gases and gas mixtures.  With nationwide service capability, our aim is to provide service and support that leads our industry when it comes to product knowledge, product availability and most importantly, order to delivery optimisation.

Unlike the main stream gas companies CK are willing to break the mold and provide our customers the option to either rent or purchase our cylinders.  This enables customers to consider the impact of cylinder rental over many years v’s the cost of purchasing the cylinder outright from the outset.  We have found that our customers who have a need for small quantities of gas on a consistant basis can reduce their lifetime costs considerably.

Our product portfolio provides flexibility for our customers to ensure optimised cost achievement receiving your gases in cylinders ranging from lecture bottles to 10 litres.  This including 0.4L lecture bottles, 110L disposable cylinders or 1L, 3L, 5L and 10L refillable cylinders.

5L-10L_ALL_GAS_CYLINDERSOur philosophy is to make available the volume of gas you require, meet the minimum quality you specify and most importantly, delivered to your company when you require the product.  Our order to delivery time constantly exceeds that of the main stream special gas companies due to our ability to react promptly to you requirements, and monitor specifically the production and distribution of your order.

With our product supply point utilising a specialist third party nationwide hazardous goods distribution partner, we can assure our customers of excellent service.

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