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Stable Isotope Labeled Mouse Tissue

CK Isotopes are pleased to add CIL intact stable isotope enriched mouse tissue to its growing suite of quality CIL products to assist the mass spectrometry proteomic community. The use of enriched mouse tissue as an internal standard allows for proteomic investigation at the tissue level (1,2) and will accelerate the quantitative proteome comparison across biological samples.

Lysine (13C6, 97%) Enriched Mouse Tissue
MouseExpress™ is freshly frozen, intact mouse tissue that is
97% enriched in L-Lysine-13C6.

Stable Isotope Labeled Mouse Feed

MouseExpress™ L-Lysine (13C6, 99%) Enriched
Mouse Feed Labeling Kit
CIL’s Mouse Feed Labeling Kit consists of 1 kg L-Lysine-13C6 feed
and 1 kg of unlabeled feed. This nutrient mix metabolically
labels the entire mouse proteome with L-Lysine-13C6 for use in
quantitative global proteomic research using tryptic digests.
This diet is unique in that it contains L-Lysine-13C6 at an isotopic
enrichment of 99%.
Click here to download mouse feed labeling kit information 

Spirulina (15N, 98%) Mouse Feed

Spirulina (15N, 98%), a unique blue-green algae, in combination
with a protein/amino acid-free nutrient mix, provides an efficient
feed to metabolically label the entire animal proteome with 15N.
A 15N rodent diet can be prepared in your laboratory using 15N
Spirulina. Please refer to: McClatchy, D.B. and Yates, J.R., III 2008.
Stable Isotope Labeling of Mammals (SILAM). Cold Spring Harb.
Protoc, doi:10.1101/pdb.prot4940
CIL can also provide a prepared feed for your labeling experiments.
Please note a minimum order may be required.
Click here to download spirulina mouse feed info 

Mouse Express Tissue/Feed

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